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Hi! My name is Natasha. I'm an artist and a scuba-diver.

I'm from Vladivostok, Russia. I have loved ocean and underwater world since I was a kid. I grew up near the Japanese Sea (also known as East Sea). I have the inspiration and dream to understand and protect ocean life.

When I go scuba-diving or snorkeling, I feel as if we are one with this wonderful moving world of life, colors and light. The ocean gives me creativity. I dive, I see various fish, underwater animals and memorize movements, shapes and colors. Then I paint it in my own style. I paint on different kinds of paper. I like Korean traditional paper, colored pencils, watercolors and crayons.

I'm a scuba divemaster, so when I dive with a group of people, I guide them through this unique underwater world and share interesting and beautiful sea life with them. When I dive for fun, I relax and play like a seal or a dolphin underwater. When we do underwater clean-up, I feel responsibility to remove as much garbage as I can. This experience helps me in my painting.

I love to paint the underwater world and tropical and subtropical flowers. All the flowers presented on my website were painted during living on Jeju Island and during travel to the Philippines. None of the flowers was broken or cut during the process of painting.

During my art exhibitions I'm happy to see people of different ages and occupations looking at my works.

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Natasha Nazarenko.


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